deafscotland can offer a wide range of training in areas such as Deaf Awareness, Communication with Deaf & Deafblind People and Inclusive Communication & Accessible Information

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AWARENESSbites on-line Deaf Awareness course

We have teamed up with AWARENESSbites to provide quality online learning and development to front-line and public facing staff who may not be able to attend face-to-face training courses. Courses start at just £15.

Organisational Training

If you have more than 10 members of staff who might benefit from any of our training, we can come to you and tailor our courses to your situation. For more information, contact us on or 0141 248 2474.

deafscotland Training

deafscotland is currently running the following training programmes:

Deaf Awareness (K101) and Communication with Deaf & Deafblind People (T101)

These two courses available together are suitable for those who want to get a basic knowledge of the barriers that deaf people face every day and who want to have some skills in order to be able to communicate with deaf people.

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Inclusive Communication and Accessible Information

Communication is a two way process. It is how we understand others and express ourselves. Inclusive communication goes further and includes a mutual respect and equal access. It is about a change in attitude in society, in government, in business, where we work, spend our leisure time and live our lives.

Inclusive communication is about asking what your employees and your customers need to understand the messages that you want to give, and thinking about how best to meet these needs with the assets you have access to.

Accessible information is a tool to help make Inclusive Communication happen.

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