deafscotland Manifesto “Asks” for the Scottish Parliamentary election 2021

deafscotland wants Scotland’s 1 million people affected by deafness to be connected and included as active citizens in Scotland. The elections to the Scottish Parliament in May 2021 give you the opportunity to make that happen.
We invite you to support the following five “asks”, during and after the election campaign. Your support counts as a candidate, an activist, trade unionist and as a citizen in Scotland. Our asks are:

  1. That you support Inclusive Communication to move from only being about “disability” to the mainstream in order to ease the passage of equality and human rights to the heart of mainstream democracy, government, services and information.
  2. You commit to making sure the Principles of Inclusive Communication are at the heart of everything you do – your manifesto, your strategy, the way your party operates, and should your candidates be elected, your party will push for an Inclusive Communication strategy to be at the heart of government.
  3. Scotland’s children and young people, including deaf children, should be supported to reach their full potential. You will support an Inclusive Communication strategy to make sure this happens.
  4. Health and Social Care Partnerships support our most vulnerable citizens, including deaf people. You will promote Communication For All to make sure service planning and delivery is inclusive from the start, person-centred and rights-based.
  5. Data collection is Scotland needs to change. You will support changes to the way data is collected to make sure there is accurate information on the numbers of deaf people across the four pillars of deafness and the barriers they face on a daily basis to ensure the services and information that they use and get are fit for purpose.

The full document is available to download here

BSL version is available here