Our Walking Project

Today we are launching three short films to promote walking to Scotland’s 1 million people who are affected by deafness with tips on inclusive communication so we can all join to improve our physical and mental health. 

The films are currently accessible on YouTube:

Step It Up! 7 Tips to get you walking! – https://youtu.be/kKCanXY65Mo

Walking and Talking Tips – https://youtu.be/-UCpOLq-KtY

Social Communication Tips –https://youtu.be/C-si4P6Cty0

Our report “Covid-19: the Communication Virus” found that self-isolation and social distancing left people affected by deafness more isolated than usual and becoming more mentally unwell without access to support. The impact of the pandemic has been a particular problem as many have had services withdrawn, had extra problems with communication, and found social distancing causes them issues that deaf people could not have seen before this. Walking with others can help tackle the issues that deaf people are facing.  It is free, flexible and fits individual needs.  We invite the people of Scotland to play their part in including deaf people in theirr walking plans and to make the experience a sociable one.  Please do share the film links to make people more aware of the barriers and solutions – opportunities to get out, get walking and go rambling (walking in the countryside).