Ideas for Ears

It has been recognised that during lockdown and now into recovery, people who use hearing aids have suffered a huge disadvantage due to socail (physical) distancing. Even though the Equality Act 2010 is now 10 years old, many premises still do not have hearing loops (reasonable adjustment under the Act). Ideas for Ears has produced information on hearing loops to help change this.

They have a 2-part booklet called In The Loop.

  • Part 1 is for hearing aid users
  • Part 2 is for staff and managers providing services (including customer service managers, event organisers, HR staff, team leaders, facility managers)

There is a lot of misunderstanding about how they work and a lot of mystery about what people using them experience.  These booklets explain how things should be.

To download the booklets, go to


Eye health during coronavirus: What to do and what to expect. to download the information, click here: eye-health-coronavirus-tips-2

NHS 24

NHS Health Scotland has produced a digital toolkit to support the Test and Protect scheme for Covid-19. To download the toolkit, click here: 20-21 - Coronavirus - Test & Protect - Stage 2 Digital Toolkit - pdf

NHS Lothian has produced a video to reassure people about the coronavirus vaccine. It is available in BSL with subtitles. To view the video click here:

Disability Equality Scotland (DES)

DES has put together an information sheet on who can refuse to wear a mask now that people in Scotland have to wear a mask to go on public transport and into shops. To download this is information, click here: Face Coverings Exemptions and Solutions

Action on Hearing Loss

Action on Hearing Loss has provided information on what to do if you use hearing aids and how to get help during the Covid-19 crisis: 


Glasgow City Council (GCC)

GCC has produced information about the services it is providing during the pandemic in BSL. For more information, go to



Advice for health and social care staff in Scotland from third sector organisations: Communication for people with sensory loss during the COVID-19 pandemic - from RNIB, deafscotland and other partner organisations

During the COVID-19 pandemic (and beyond), it is vital that people living with sensory loss and complex communication support needs can access the guidance and information they require for their healthcare needs.

Information  WORD   PDF  Link to YouYube:



NHS Inform (part of NHS 24)

NHS Inform is currently hosting a significant amount of information on COVID-19 (the coronavirus) including a self-help guide to check your symptoms and get advice. 
Go to

The Scottish Government, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, NHS Lothian and NHS 24 have been working together to provide translations of COVID-19 information. This is being translated into

  • Arabic,
  • Chinese (Mandarin),
  • Polish,
  • Romanian,
  • Czech/Slovak,
  • Spanish,
  • Urdu,
  • Hindi,
  • Punjabi, and
  • British Sign Language (BSL).

Easy read and audio versions are also available on a variety of health topics, including COVID-19. 

For more information on what is available, download the NHS Inform Information Sheet here:  WORD        PDF