Awful & awesome acoustics and their impact on how easily you hear    

The acoustics of a room can quite literally enable or disable you.  It can lift you up or crush you down – allowing you to join in conversation and discussion, or preventing you from doing so.

A room or space that feels echo-y or noisy is a difficult one, and is especially a problem for people with hearing loss.  The complicated science behind acoustics means it has often escaped analysis because it feels too technical to touch. But it is important to get to grips with the subject because it has such a big impact on experiences, participation and well-being.

This workshop explains acoustics so that people understand them.  It cuts through the difficulties that people have to give fascinating and useful insight and to share information that is helpful and understandable.  You will learn about noise and reverberation and how it helps or prevents us from hearing, and you will discover what you can do to measure acoustics and how to take action to fix acoustic issues.

Founding director of Ideas for Ears, a not-for-profit organisation run by people with hearing loss to promote more accessible and inclusive products, services and facilities.  Sally is the lead author of the Hearing Access Protocol and was the 2019 Scottish Sensory & Equality Champion. She is passionate about grass roots-led projects, ideas and innovations and engages widely with local and national organisations to help bring about improvement.   Deafness runs in Sally’s family and she is a hearing aid user and has a profoundly deafened father.