Latest deafscotland publication

deafscotland carried out a survey to gather information about how people across the four pillars of deafness coped with phase one of lockdown for Covid-19. The summary report is available to download here.


As you will be aware, deafscotland's contribution to the BSL (Scotland) Act 2015 Partnership has finished. As part of the project, we agreed to do an evaluation of the final year of the project to show what legacy our work would leave. This evaluation is now complete and the report is available here: deafscotland BSL Project Evaluation 2020


deafscotland has produced a number of reports based on research and events. These reports can be downloaded here:


Data Census Report 2020: deafscotland_data_census_report2020


Safety First...These are the baseline survey reports from four deafscotland projects: Self-Management, Cycling, Safety, and Mental Health. Safety First… Keeping people safe with Communication for All


First National BSL Summit Report: BSL Summit Report 2020


Connect Us Too Mental Health Summit Report: Mental Health Summit Report 2020