Covid-19: The Road to Recovery

Report written by
Mandy Reid
Development Officer, deafscotland

The lockdown for the Covid-19 pandemic is now easing, but the level of barriers people affected by deafness in Scotland face on a day-to-day basis have not. deafscotland understands that population safety is the number one priority for the Scottish Government and that there is a need to keep measures in place to protect healthcare and other professionals and the public. But as was stated in the first Covid-19 survey report, some of these measures have increased the fear and anxiety of people affected by deafness at a time when few services are back to working at full capacity. Deaf people as well as others need accessible and inclusive support and solutions to their isolation and mental ill-health.

We continue to receive more emails and phone calls than is normal asking where deaf people can get information, advice and support to help them cope with the barriers they continue to face caused by social distancing, renewed self-isolation and the number of people covering their faces with masks.

Our second survey was put together to gather evidence directly from deaf people (across the four pillars of deafness) about how their “road to recovery” is working. We are also reporting on the qualitative information from our membership – organisations across the Private, Public and Third sectors – and from the enquiries we have had from people affected by deafness and their relatives since lockdown started to ease and some impression of “ordinary” is starting to return.