deafscotland is registered as a counter signatory body with Disclosure Scotland (under its legal name - Scottish Council on Deafness).

16 March 2020 Corona virus update: our office in Bath Street has been put into lockdown (out with our control). While we can still do countersignatory checks, having no access to our office makes it much more difficult to do so. Please contact Disclosure Scotland to find out what they recommend during this national emergency. If you need to contact us, please do so by email. Thank you for your co-operation.

31 March 2020 Corona Virus update: 

Disclosure Scotland is making a temporary change to how applications are processed. They have been working closely with the Scottish Government and key stakeholders on their response to coronavirus (COVID-19).  

In addition to their prioritising of checks for those who have the most vital roles supporting the country during this time, they are no longer accepting paper applications. For more information, go to

We, at deafscotland, can still countersign disclosure applications on behalf of other organisations which may be too small to become signatories themselves or for individuals who are self-employed and need to have a disclosure to work in their chosen field. But will have to do it in a different way as we cannot put ourselves or anyone else at risk. The disclosure form needs to be submitted electronically, but as countersignatories we still need to be able to check ID. It might be possible to do this by Skype or Zoom.

Please contact us at to discuss your need for a disclosure and arrangements for countersigning the form.