Second deafscotland COVID-19 Survey - "Road to Recovery"

We have published our second survey so that people affected by deafness can give us their views on the Scottish Government's "Road to Recovery". To take part, go to



The following blogs were submitted to other organisations for publication in their bulletins and magazines:

SCVO  Blog on 1 May "We must invest in communication for all" at

SCVO Blog on 1 June "Head, hands, voice and ears" at

Scottish Legal News on 12 August 2020 "Time to invest in inclusive communication" at

We have produced a number of tools and factsheets to help on the "Road to Recovery"

Go to the Covid-19 - the Communication Virus page:

The Scottish Government has published its newest Cyber Resilience COVID-19 Bulletin

This edition concentrates on Covid-19 related scams. To read the bulletin, click here: Cyber Resilience COVID-19 Bulletin -16072020

Police Scotland has made a statement re the exemptions from wearing a mask

"Our partners have shared concerns that some disabled people can find physical distancing difficult - this could be linked to sight loss, autism, a physical disability or other issues. People have reported being shouted at, made to feel uncomfortable or fearful.
We have also received reports of people who are exempt from wearing face coverings being inappropriately challenged in shops or on public transport. This includes people who have invisible or hidden disabilities, like asthma or autism."

To read the full statement, click here: Community reassurance message from ACC Ritchie July 2020


Scottish Goverment publishes blog to bust popular myths about the The Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill

To read the blog, click here:

Following considerable public debate about hate crime, and claims about what the new Bill will and will not do, the government has published some facts about the legislation.

Covid-19 Survey: Summary Report

deafscotland carried out a survey of people acorss the four pillars of deafness to find out how they coped through the first phase of lockdown. The summary report is available here.

The full report will be available shortly.





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