All Our Rights In Law: Report on the conversations held with people across the four pillars of deafness

The Scottish Government’s National Taskforce on Human Rights Civil Society Reference Group is looking at the development of a new human rights law for Scotland that is informed by the views and experiences of rights-holders, particularly those whose rights are often denied.  

As a first step in the development process, the Human Rights Consortium Scotland and the Scottish Human Rights Commission are working with civil society organisations to host conversations about what this new law could look like. Once the conversations have taken place, the Human Rights Consortium and the Scottish Human Rights Commission will collate views from these conversations to help to inform the National Taskforce’s final recommendations. They will also publish a report of people’s views, to help inform the Scottish Government’s next steps.

deafscotland held a number of conversations with people across the four pillars of deafness. You can read the report here:

The summary has been translated into BSL and is available here:

Participants were also asked ‘what is your final message to the Taskforce and Government?’  HRCS has put them all together in a report. Numbers 5 and 6 are particularly relevant to deafscotland.