Annual report 2018

Beyond 90 years

The Scottish Council on Deafness celebrated its 90th birthday in 2017. This milestone sparked conversation about our place and function in Scotland. Society looks very different now to what it did 90 years ago: it was time that we caught up. We needed a refreshed look to stay relevant to our members – and so deafscotland was born.

“The year 2017/18 has been as busy as ever. We started the financial year as ‘SCoD’, underwent a review, and ended the year as ‘deafscotland’. This rebranding celebrates 90 years of service, recognises successes, and sets us up for new the challenges ahead.”

Janis McDonald, Chief Officer

One of the many changes seen since the organisation’s incorporation in 1927 includes how the community refers to the spectrum of deafness. For this reason, a lower case “d” in deafscotland has been used to represent the broad range of deafness that people in Scotland experience – hard of hearing to having no hearing and deafblindness. deafscotland’s members support people across the whole spectrum.

Additionally, broader society has gone through a digital technology revolution. These technologies give deaf people greater opportunities to interact and communicate than ever before. By incorporating them into deafscotland, members will experience greater access to information.

We are moving into this new phase with confidence and excitement. With a revamped brand and image, we are positioned to gain a greater understanding of deaf people’s issues and concerns across Scotland. We will continue to champion for our members and achieve our aim of equal access, rights and citizenship.

“As we move forward the emphasis will be on evidence and outcomes, continued and improved engagement with members and build on learning and networks to achieve the ambition: access, inclusion and integration of deaf people across Scottish society.”

Donald Richards, Convenor