deafscotland May News

May is a busy month for Inclusive Communication in Scotland.  It features focused action during ‘deaf awareness week’, ‘mental health awareness week’ and is national walking month.

Walking is good for Scotland’s 1 million people affected by hearing loss and deafscotland is continuing its campaign to encourage more people to walk weekly as a safe and enjoyable way to look after your physical and mental wellbeing.  We should all increase the frequency of walking. 

  • Ask the person if they have a preferred side for you to walk on – can really help to make conversation easier.
  • Make sure they can see your mouth if possible – although with masks and 2 metre distancing this can be tricky.
  • Choose a quiet place to walk – background noise causes problems.
  • Avoid sunlight shining on your face as it makes it harder to lipread.
  • Walking in pairs is much better than walking in larger groups – so current restrictions actually help!
  • Speak in normal voice and volume but try to speak clearly – raising your voice makes word patterns more difficult to understand.

Walking with someone makes the experience more fun. Here are some tips to use or share if you are walking with someone who has hearing loss to make communication easier:

May is also ‘Time for a Cuppa’ month and deafscotland has made a short film to help you think how to plan and enjoy your walk with family and friends.  Enjoy!

For more information on being outdoors during COVID, go to

deafscotland thanks ‘Paths for All’ for the grant which funds our project to promote walking and cycling using Inclusive Communication.