What can deafscotland do to support your organisation?

We can:

  • Carry out affordable, deaf health checks and support your organisation to become more deaf aware across the four pillars of deafness. There is a particular focus on access and participation.  We can also arrange communication, visual or full disability checks, mystery shopping activity and website testing.
  • Evaluate your plans or service(s) with input from service users, their families and carers;
  • Support your organisation to become a "Communication For All" organisation;
  • Support your organisation to become more involved in local and national issues across government and across the four pillars of deafness.
  • Advise, support and provide participatory activity: surveys, focus groups and engagement/consultation activities.




Why is this important?


It is the law! The Equality Act 2010 states that organisations, bodies and businesses that provide goods, services and information must make "reasonable adjustment" for anyone with a disability. In the hearing world, deafness is a disability. In order to be inclusive of deaf employees, customers, clients, service users and carers, you will have to make a number of reasonable adjustments to ensure you are a good employer and that you know how to make sure your goods, services and/or information is inclusive and accessible.


Communication is a basic human right. Without communication that is accessible and inclusive of everyone, people cannot enjoy their rights. They do not know what their rights are and they do not know how to ask that their rights are respected. As duty bearers, you have a duty to ensure that your employees, customers, carers  and users of your services know what their rights are and how they apply to the information, goods and services that your organisation provides.


On moral grounds! We have all heard about the purple pound and the pink pound and how much they bring to the economy in Scotland and the rest of the UK. How much money can the "COMMS pound" bring the nation?


Never heard of the "COMMS pound"?

You have now. The "COMMS pound" is the money that people with a hearing loss, their families, carers and friends have to spend on goods, services and information in businesses that make sure they meet the needs of deaf people in Scotland.

1 in 5 of the population in Scotland has a hearing loss. That is about 1 million people! That is a lot of money...


How do you access this "COMMS pound"?

Make sure your goods, services and information is accessible to people who have a hearing loss and to those who have a language/communication support need - more people with more money to spend...


How do you access support to take you and your organisation forward?

You email or pick up the telephone and have a conversation with deafscotland about what we can do to help. You invest a small amount of money and you reap the rewards.

Our charges are as follows:

For deafscotland members:

£450 per day


For organisations that are not deafscotland members:

£600 per day


Favourable, fixed prices can be negotiated for blocks of work of five days or more.