logo reads deaf scotland's Scottish Sensory and Equality Conference and Awards, 2019 - Communications for all

15 March 2019

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Glasgow Central

36 Cambridge Street

Glasgow, G2 3HN

The Scottish Sensory and Equality Conference was our first conference under our new brand and identity deafscotland and was delivered with support from Disability Equality Scotland.


The 2019 Conference was focused on the theme Communication for All. The day featured key note speakers and workshops around this theme.

The conference was followed by The Scottish Sensory and Equality Awards


The Scottish Sensory and Equality Awards championed those organisations and individuals across Scotland who are helping to build a Scotland that works for everyone by breaking down societal barriers.


For more information, click here.

deafscotland's Scottish Sensory and Equality Conference and Awards.


15 March 2019

Registration took place at 10.00am; The programme for the Conference is available here and the programme for the awards is available here.


Where the conference took place:

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Glasgow Central

36 Cambridge Street

Glasgow, G2 3HN

Communication for All

Effective communication underpins almost every aspect of our lives. In order to live in society we must be able to interact with other members of that society.


Despite this, respecting the human right to communicate remains a significant problem in Scotland for those who experience barriers.


This conference aims to explore how together we can develop solutions and create a society where all people have equal access, rights and citizenship.


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Our keynote speaker will be Simon Pitts, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of STV.


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Tony Murphy from Phonak.
Dr Paul Hart from Sense Scotland.

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Full details of all workshops available below
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Lunch Break and Networking
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Full details of all workshops available below
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Full details of all workshops available below
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Summary of the conference - closing plenary



Close of conference



Delegates had a choice of workshops in each session.

Session 1:

Workshop 1 - National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) - Everyone Together, Supporting Communication


NDCS is committed to overcoming barriers in language and communication. Find out what the organisation is doing to support deaf children and their families in this area, particularly through their growing Family Sign Language programme.


Workshop Leader
Emma Galloway


Workshop 2 - NHS24 - Friends Together


NHS 24 is the national provider of digital and telephone-based health and care services for Scotland. We provide people with access to information, care and advice through multiple channels including telephone, web and online.

We work in collaboration with partners, the public and our people to co-design services using technology and a digital first approach to sustainable service development and delivery.


The aims of the workshop include a celebration of the 10 years that deafscotland and NHS 24 have been friends and worked together to improve access to NHS 24 services, employment and volunteering opportunities for people across the four pillars of deafness.


Workshop Leaders

Lynne Huckerby

Davie Morrison


Workshop 3 - Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists – Inclusive Communication – should it be law in Scotland?

The workshop aims:

  1. To raise issues of communication exclusion / inclusion – how experience of these is shared across Communication Disadvantaged Groups; and
  1. To gauge the enthusiasm and strength of feeling for an Inclusive Communication Nation and Inclusive Communication law.


Workshop Leader

Kim Hartley Kean

Session 2:

Workshop 1 - Disability Equality Scotland - Engaging and Communicating with Disabled People


This workshop shares how Disability Equality Scotland, a national Disabled People’s Organisation’ engages and communicated with disabled people in Scotland. With a membership of over 700 members across Scotland, with individuals and organisations across all disabilities, it can be challenging to get it right. This workshop talks through lessons learned and shares tips on how we can all improve our engagement and communications with disabled people.


Workshop Leader
Morven Brooks


Workshop 2 - Sign Language Interactions - ContactSCOTLAND-BSL: In Life, In Action, in Future


This workshop aims to focus on possible solutions to full access for all Deaf and Deafblind People in Scotland.


Workshop Leaders
Andy Irvine
Catriona Lafferty


Workshop 3 - Deafblind Scotland- Inclusive Working

Are you confident you could host an interview, meeting or event which would ensure deafblind people are fully included? If not come and explore some common mistakes and gain some practical solutions to take away. Deafblindness can often be a hidden or overlooked disability, exclusion leaves people feeling undervalued and that they have nothing to offer. This workshop will help you to overcome these barriers to successful interaction with deafblind people.


Workshop Leader
Ruth Hart


Session 3:

Workshop 1 – SCOVI - Finding a voice for inclusive communication


This workshop, delivered by SCOVI - The Umbrella Body for Vision Impairment in Scotland, will look at effective methods of raising awareness of the communication needs of all. It will explore best practices for tackling barriers to communication and how innovative technologies can help create a society that works for all.


Workshop Leader
Maggie Chapman

Carolyn Scott


Workshop 2 - Ideas for Ears - Hearing access in meetings and events


Can this new resource – the Hearing Access Protocol - make meetings and events better for you? If not, why not? The workshop will look at whether people who are deaf can benefit from a focus on ‘hearing’, how speakers and presenters could improve their communication skills, and whether a pot of money should be made available to help fix noisy or echo-y community halls and venues.


Workshop Leader
Sally Shaw


Workshop 3 - Cope Scotland - Using the senses to relax


The aim of this workshop is to promote ways we can relax using all our senses:

  • Use of essential oils
  • Movement
  • Eating mindfully
  • Through touch
  • Visually through relaxing images

Workshop Leader
Sheila Morrison