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deafscotland has produced a number of Human Rights briefings.


deafscotland made a Submission to the UK Parliament’s Joint Committee on Human Rights: Inquiry on the ‘UK Government’s COVID-19 Response’. WORD  PDF


deafscotland wrote a letter to the Scottish Parliament's Equality and Human Rights Committee asking if the focus of its inquiry on the ‘Impact of COVID-19 pandemic' will be on evaluating delivery of laws already passed and policies announced by Government? The letter is available in PDF here 

This link will take you to the inquiry page:


Participation, Consultation and Communication - The main ask of the Scottish Government is that it acknowledges communication is a human rights issue. WORD PDF


Beyond the BSL Act -  The hearing world does not always recognise that there are differences in linguistic access depending on the level of deafness the person has and when they lost their hearing. This is a human rights issue. WORD  PDF


We submitted a response on the Socio-Economic Duty (the Duty).  The process of agreeing the response raised some key issues about people’s understanding of what the Duty is, a frustration that so many initiatives have been launched which don’t make an impact on poverty and a fear that this consultation would become another tick box exercise.  However, there was also consensus that the Duty could be powerful and how could we focus on making that so.  There is a role for Community Planning to co-ordinate and oversee action but there needs to be a transparent framework which delivers accountability and maps the impact.  This is a further briefing on the key issues and possible solutions. WORD  PDF