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In 2016, thirty one Integration Joint Boards were established. These new bodies, working on the same areas as Councils, are now responsible for the planning and provision of all adult health and social care services.

The boards will be responsible for spending £8.5bn of the £13bn spent on health and social care in Scotland.

These Integration Joint Boards are now responsible for the planning, commissioning and delivery of joint sensory impairment services including deaf services. In turn, they will have significant impact in the shaping of priorities. The new Integration Joint Boards provide a real opportunity to raise the profile of deaf issues, and in particular, focus on a rights-based approach when engaging with them.

BSL Version

This session will

  • Provide the policy context and objectives behind the new Integration Joint Boards [IJBs].
  • Explain their powers, how they will operate and make decisions.
  • Identify the key decision makers on the day, the key roles/people to target, the right messages to deliver, and the correct positioning for deafscotland members to adopt.
  • Explore how deafscotland members can engage effectively and build on existing experience and relationships.
  • Highlight where deafscotland members can make the most impact and get most leverage.


Brian Cavanagh spent more than 25 years in public service in Scotland. He was a Councillor and Health Board member and Chair, holding responsibility for key areas of delivery of public services. Taking on high profile leadership roles, Brian was well known and highly regarded across Scotland as a dynamic and forward thinking leader in the public arena. Respected across political parties as someone committed to getting the job done: improving public services, supporting business and enterprise, and ensuring quality care and support to vulnerable people.

Brian now leads a successful mentoring and coaching consultancy specialising in leadership, governance and building influence. Brian believes that having the right leadership approach is essential for the success of an organisation. Through working with the CEO, Board or senior management team Brian helps to shape their vision, re-define their purpose and implement their core objectives. For more information, click here








£85 per person (Membership discount will apply)