Our Membership

deafscotland's members are organisations from the Public, Private and Third/Voluntary sectors. Together we are the deaf sector in Scotland. We welcome new members to help us campaign for a better quality of life for deaf people of all ages in Scotland.


Membership Form 

deafscotland has two membership options to choose from.

For organisations, there is Star membership and Diamond membership. Individuals can become Associate members.

As a Star member, your values, views and expertise will shape the direction and priorities of the deaf sector.
Star members are organisations with the primary goal to support at least one pillar of deafness, by:

  • Staying up to date with new information and connections within the deaf sector
  • Being key advocates for people who experience deafness
  • Being our voice for positive change towards communication for all.


Find out more about Star Membership

As a Diamond member, we will empower your organisation to support your employees and clients who identify with one pillar of deafness.
Diamond members are organisations in Scotland committed to reducing barriers for people who experience deafness, by:

  • Working with or for people who identify with at least one pillar of deafness;
  • Striving to be the best employer they can be;
  • Enabling their clients by making their organisation and services inclusive and easy to use

Find out more about Diamond Membership

Associate members (Circle members) can also be  individuals who have an interest in deafness - more information will be available shortly. Please contact us if you would like more information.

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We now have an organisational membership leaflet which can be downloaded here: Committed to Communication – deafscotland membership.

For information on the membership offer and how to join deafscotland in BSL, please click on the links below:

Becoming a member

Membership - Committed to Communication

The membership offer

Which membership is right for your organisation?

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Join Scotland’s lead charity for deaf issues.

What can deafscotland influence?

As a national co-ordinating body for the deaf sector in Scotland, we lobby the government at different levels on behalf of our members. This benefits you by enabling you to:

  • Contribute to or comment on future government policy or legislation affecting deaf people
  • Contribute to the Cross Party Group on Deafness and other relevant Cross Party Groups
  • Participate in advisory groups, developmental networks and strategic planning of information and services across Scotland.

Star membership

benefits of STAR membership

  • Access to deaf sector information
  • Contribute to lobbying
  • Attend our networking events and conferences
  • Use of the deafscotland member logo
  • Your logo appears on deafscotland’s website
  • Discounted networking events
  • Discounted training events
  • Discounted AGM tickets
  • Voting rights at the AGM
  • Attendance at National Council Meetings
  • Able to nominate to the Board
Star png

Diamond membership 

benefits of DIAMOND membership 

  • Access to deaf sector information 
  • Contribute to lobbying 
  • Attend our networking events and conferences 
  • Use of the deafscotland member logo
  • Your logo appears on deafscotland’s website 
  • Discounted networking events (Group discounts only)
  • Discounted training events (Group discounts only)

The main differences between Star and Diamond membership is that Diamond Members cannot nominate anyone to the deafscotland Board, nor can they vote at National Council meetings or Annual General Meetings.


Diamond Logo

Membership Rates 2019/2020

Membership type Income band Annual Membership fee
STAR MemberOrganisation






Under £50,000 £100
£50,001-£250,000 £200
£250,001 - £500,000 £250
£500,001 - £1 Million £300
£1 Million + £400
DIAMOND MemberMembership has increased this year £100  or £25/Quarter
CIRCLE Member - Membership has increased this year



£60   or  £15/Quarter